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Puppy vaccination schedules ! Complete Guide

Do you want to know about Complete Puppy Vaccination Schedules ?

Vaccines are most important for your canine’s health as they fight against deadly incurable diseases. You must know puppy vaccination schedules for your puppy as vaccine helps the pet’s immune system to generate or build antibodies to the specific disease for which it’s being given.

That means, when the puppy comes into contact with another dog with some infection or disease like Distemper, he already has the antibodies to begin combat it before it makes him deathly ill.

There are a number of main sicknesses that your puppy must be vaccinated against when he is young. They include Canine Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies, Parvovirus, and Heartworm.

The puppy starts receiving his vaccines starting earlier than he is four months old. The vet will know what to provide and through which order. They may usually give you a card that tells you what the puppy has gotten and what’s left to get.

Puppy vaccination schedule according to His/Hers age

Don't forget your puppy vaccination schedules ! - His/her health depends on it.


Examination (for general health)
DHP-PV-CV (1st for distemper parvo/hepatitus/parainfluenza-parvo-carona)
Fecal Flotation (for parasites)
Heartworm Prevention
Flea & Tick Prevention


DHP-PV-CV (2nd)
Fecal Flotation
Heartworm Prevention
Flea & Tick Prevention


DHP-PV-CV (3rd)
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Fecal Flotation
Heartworm Prevention
Flea & Tick Prevention


Parvo Vaccine
Rabies - 1 Year (required for every pet)
Heartworm Prevention
Flea & Tick Prevention

Booster doses are necessary to maintain your pet up to date on his vaccines and to keep his immune system built up. The more immunity he has, the much less probability of the puppy getting sick with the major sicknesses listed above.

You must also remember the fact that some vaccines do not work on some puppies. Some pet’s immune techniques are just weak by nature. Visit your vet if your puppy getting sick repeatedly. Your vet must solve your problem and make you happy by making your pet’s health better.


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