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35 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment High Profit

Are you Searching for Some Small Business Ideas with Low Investment High Profit ? If Yes, then you are at the Right place. Before Selecting a Business Idea, it is Most important to know whether you have sufficient knowledge regarding that Business or Not? Without understanding a piece of Knowledge, you can only get failure nothing else. So, If you have selected any Business Idea, first of all, you have to go through a complete guide to that Business.

It is True that "Obstacles are the Pillars of Success." Small-scale Business Ideas are Great for Starting Entrepreneurs. Whether It may fail, It will provide you a Low rate of loss, but a high incidence of Knowledge on that Business Topic.

On the internet, we have gone through a research regarding many Business Ideas and we have Meshed some Superb Low-Risk Low-Investment Small Business Ideas which will provide you a High yield of Success. So, what are that Small Business Ideas? Below is the list of Top 35 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit.

So, Here is the list of Great Small Business Opportunities for Newbie business Entrepreneurs.

35 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment High Profit

#1 Small Fast-Food Shop

Fast Food Business is Providing food like Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Noodles, Soups, etc. Here we are talking about Small, fast food Shops, not about any Franchise like Macdonalds and KFC. So, In this type of Shops, the Owner is the Fast Food Maker. Those peoples who have best Fast Food Making quality, they can go for it. They have to spend a small amount of money only for the Rented shop and Ingredients for making Different types of Fast Food. If you have your space for Shop its a Bonus for yours Business.

#2 Invitation Cards Printing

Nowadays, most of the people are looking for Invitation cards for their many Events. Call cards Printing business requires Creativity and Style. It is Best to Select Printing business according to your Skills. You can Decide in which Printing Niche you have the best knowledge, such as Marriage, Baby, Meetings, Birthdays, etc.

#3 Photography

Photography is a great business for those who are Good Photographers whether you have captured Photo from your Smartphone or Digital Camera. If you believe that your Photos are great and you are sure that people will pay for them, then you are going to make lots of money. You can sell your Photographs online on many websites like Alamy, Shutterstock, iStock Photo, PhotoShelter, Fotolia, PhotoMoolah, SmugMug, Can Stock Photo, 123RF, Dreamstime, FineArtAmerica, Snapped4U. So, Start Capturing Awesome Photos and Start Making money Today.

#4 Home Decoration

It is also an exciting business for creative minded peoples. This business only needs Creativity, nothing else. In this business, you just have to use your brain for designing someone's House, Office or Apartments that may be Inside or Outside. In Home Decor Business, your days will be filled up with Interesting products, Inspiring projects, and peoples who will appreciate your hard work.  You don't have to Invest your money the House owner will pay for the required materials just you have to do the job.

#5 Making Wooden Furnitures or Carpentry Business

Carpentry Business is always in demand. If Carpentry is your Hobby and you are a master in Designing elegant Wooden furniture, then it's time to get serious and Start your own Carpentry Business. It's not about Profession it is about your Skill. Nowadays Carpentry is a great profession where some people are expert for engineering elements, and some are for artistic. You can design or Built Wooden Furnitures on Demand, or you can sell them online.

#6 Craft Paintings Business

Craft Painting Business can let you Explore your joy of Painting with the World.  It also Showcases your talent as a good craft painter and at the same time it's a great opportunity to become a successful Artist. You can sell your paintings by showing them to people by an Exhibition or you can also sell them online.

#7 Recruiting Services

Recruiting agency or Service is a Business which searches for Interview and Screen Applicants for Job Placement.  The main goal of this type of occupation is to fill Temporary and Permanent both types of Job Vacancies in different types of company.  This Business needs a strong business plan with some important factors like Good experience in Recruitment Strategies, laws and licensing details, hiring people, taxes and a well designed Marketing plan for reaching more clients.

#8 Freelancer Business

This a Temporary and may be a Permanent type of Business which most of the people are doing online these days. A Freelancer Worker is a self-employed guy who works with his for others peoples or clients. Those Clients pay for the work done by the Freelancer. For e.g If You will transfer someone's Wordpress site from one Hosting to another and that person pays for you then you are a Freelancer for that job. You can start your Freelancer business without any Investment.

#9 Selling Products on Shopping Websites

Selling Products on Online shopping sites has an extra advantage to your local business. It allows you to reach a wider range of audience and new customers. So, If you have a shop in your city you are bound to sell them only inside that city but If you sell products on eCommerce site you will get more customers, more selling, more revenue.

#10 Dance Classes

If you are a good dancer, then people must like to learn dancing from you. You can make your space where you can open a Small Dance School and teach your dance styles to interested folks. You can offer Group or Private both type of Dance class.

#11 Tailoring and Clothes Designing

Are you a Creative cloth designer and searching for some Job for showing your creativity. If yes, then I want to tell you, It's not the time to search any Job Its time to Start your own Cloth Stitching Business. You can open a Tailoring shop at home, or you can rent a place for It. You just need some sewing equipment and your creativity. It's a time of Fashion, and you can make a significant income from this business. You can also select tailoring for only men or women or both.

#12 Baby Keeping / Child Care Business

The Daycare/Babycare/Childcare Business id the fastest growing sector in all over the World. This business includes caring for small children before their study age. Child care is a Job working with the kids which are fulfilling and inspiring in and of itself.

#13 Beauty Parlor at Home

The beauty parlor is also a new generation growing business all over the World. Salons and Parlors are the great business with plenty of opportunities, especially for women Entrepreneurs who are experts in this field. This Business is a very Low Investment and High-profit business because you just need some fashion designing equipment, some cosmetic products, and a well designed Parlor interior which suits your business.

#14 Repairing Electronic Equipment

Electronic Products are everywhere in the Market and Home. The Daily usage of Electronic equipment is increasing day by day. As the demand for electronic machines increasing the number of hardware issues in this equipment's also increasing. So, wherever you start this business, you will earn lots of money. This Business requires less investment. This business needs certification for repairing various of Electronic products. For e.g. If you want to start a TV Repairing Center then you have to take Traning and Certificate from any Television repairing Institute.

#15 Running a Tuition Center at Home

Yes, You can start a Tuition Center at Home according to your education qualification. Nowadays It's a common type of low investment education business. It may be small or large, based on your team and your qualification. If can also make a group of tuition teacher if you want to start classes for multiple subjects in your Tuition center.

#16 Small Grocery Shop

Starting a Grocery Shop is a very easy Business for Beginners. Just you have to keep right demanded product for people, which they want to buy. Grocery Shop works perfectly on the basis of good stock keeping records. A grocery shop can be run Offline and also on an eCommerce website.

#17 Ice Cream Parlor

This a great business for newbie business owners. It has a very small investment and in this generation 70-80% of people like Ice Cream. So, this Ice Cream making business is going to Boom. You just need a right place to your shop, Some Ice-cream making Ingredient, Some equipment, and a Refrigerator for storing Ice-Cream.

#18 Ebook Writing and Selling

The Ebook is an Electronic version of the Book which is used in a Mobile phone and Computer for Reading. Online lots of people buy and sell Ebooks. If you are a good book writer you can create its electronic version and upload it to ebook selling websites and earn lots of money. Best ebook selling websites are Amazon, SeoClerks,Fiverr, Payhip, Selz, Feiyr.

#19 Blogging

Blogging is the best thing on the internet for sharing your knowledge on the web and becoming famous. You can help peoples by telling your experience and tips on your blog. You just have to create a blog online and start publishing your content. You don't need any qualification for blogging. Everyone is eligible for blogging just needed passion and interest for doing it.

#20 Juice Shop

Drinking Juice is very Healthy and everyone like Juicing. So, Starting a Juice Bar is a great Small Business Idea which gives you a good Income. You can make different types of fruit juice like Mango, Pine Apple, Orange, etc. If you want some extra cash you can provide some snacks also with your juice.

#21 Fishery Business

Fish Farming is an easy money making business which needs just some suitable place conditions. You can do this business in your private pond or rented ponds. Nowadays Fish is becoming a favorite source of protein. You just have to Buy small fish from the commercial fisheries and put them in your pond and feed them.

#22 Xerox and Lamination Business

Xerox, Lamination, and Bookbinding is a traditional business in all Cities. This business can be Start by an Individual with a very little Investment. In this Business, you need to buy two equipment - One is Xerox Machine, and another is Lamination machine. After You buy this stuff, you just have to pay for the Rented house, Ink, toner, paper, and electricity. You can Open this Shop at home as this Business needs a very less space about 6 X 6 sq ft room.

#23 Bakery at Home

Are you making delicious cakes on every birthday occasions? Do you love making tasty cakes? If, Yes then It's time to turn your talents into a profitable bakery. You can start any of this bakery type - Online bakery, Counter service bakery, Speciality service, Sit down bakery. Sit and write a business plan and calculate your Startup cost. You can start this Business at home but If you want to expand If you need Space for your shop.

#24 SEO Consultancy Service

In the online world, there are lots of websites. Some websites have a Good ranking with fewer posts, and Some are having No ranking with lots of posts. What is the reason? The reason behind this is SEO. SEO consulting is a great Business in which an SEO Expert helps to analyze other Non-ranking factors and them the Idea for Ranking on The Web. The website owner has to pay some fees for this Job.

#25 Dairy Products Shop

Every business creativity and Dairy Product business also need this. In the USA every year, People consume more than 600 pounds of milk products. Dairy products are good for health, and its demand is increasing day by day. You can start a retail dairy business by selling e.g. skim milk, whole milk, organic milk, cheese, butter, etc.

#26 Mobile Application Developer

If you are a Programmer and have Programming knowledge, you can become a Mobile App Developer. You can earn lots of money by placing Ads inside the Apps or by selling your Apps. You can publish your Apps on different online Marketplace like Google Play Store, App Store, etc. You can design Apps for multiple platforms like Computer and  Smartphones with different OS.

#27 Auto Repairing Service

Are you interested in opening an Auto Repairing Service Center business? Auto Repairing industry is an important business all over the world. You can see success in this business only when you learn Good repairing Skills. You can Start an Auto repairing center only for Cars or Bikes or for Both. This business needs Investment in Shop Space and Repairing tools, and If you want you can keep some other repairing experts, It will help you to save your time.

#28 Computer Training Center

A Computer Training School or Center is a place where people come to take knowledge regarding using a computer, and for understanding, It's different features. Computer training lessons are Very basic to Advance according to learning stages. Nowadays Computer knowledge is required everywhere. So, this business is unstoppable.  This company needed a very less Investment but required a High knowledge on Computer. You can start a small Computer Institute where you can give training to 2-3 students. Just you need Certification, Space for your Traning School and 2-3 PCs.

#29 Dog Trainer

Nowadays Pet owners are increasing and mostly Dog owners because of this Dog Training Services are in High Demand. This business has a very low start-up cost and Its a Profitable option for Good Dog trainers. Instructors need to qualify certification from Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) or the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

#30 Courier Service

Courier business involves Goods and Documents transporting Service from one Address to another. As we are talking about Small Investment business, we should speak of franchise Courier service. Just you have to provide Service like delivering products which people send via your franchise courier company. Opening a Courier company is a complicated thing which is far away from this topic.

#31 Tree farming and Selling

If you have your few acres of land and If you know the natural plants growing procedure, then you can quickly make money. To succeed and get profit in tree farming business you just have to remember three important things that are searching and selection of trees which are Easy to grow, Fast growing and great produce high-value products. Another important thing is trees takes years to give products. So, your will get profit when your plants start producing fruits or some other products.

You can also grow potted plants and sell them. It's another type of Tree farming. You can Grow some lovely flower plants or bonsai plants and can make great money.

#32 Cartridge Refilling Business

One of the high demand business opportunities in today's market is Cartridge Refilling and Selling. Cartridge refilling is a business which is emerging, environmentally friendly, and the best part, It gives you good profitable income. This business needs a small space for a shop, Few machine for cartridge refilling and some other equipment. You can also attach Xerox and Printer repairing business within this Shop also wich provides you extra income and popularity.

#33 Laundry Service

Laundry Business is a secure small investment Home based business mainly for House Wifes or Moms who want to live at home. You can make more than $1000/month at home just simply by doing other people’s laundry. You have to do six important things to start a Laundry business. First of all check about the Licensing procedure to do this Job. Second is to keep Good Record Keeping Procedures. Third, Create your paying method like before or after doing the Laundry. Fourth, Make a website where you show your client regarding different Services of your Business. Fifth is Marketing your Business by Online or Offline Methods and Last Sixth Ready to Launch and Good Service.

#34 Making Great YouTube Videos

YouTube is the No. 1 video sharing аnd Number 2 Social networking site аrоund thе globe. Yоu саn share аnу video оn YouTube. Youtube mаkеѕ оur life easy аnd fun. It аlѕо helps uѕ financially bесаuѕе wе соuld earn money frоm YouTube. Mostly thе great advantage оf YouTube. Yоu mіght hear guys аrе making a huge wide range оf dollars еvеrу month оnlу frоm YouTube. So, Whу уоu wіll bе simply јuѕt hearing? Start уоur hard earned dollars Making journey bеѕіdе mе аnd bе уоur boss.

#35 Pest Control Business

One of the great potential Small Business Idea for Starting Entrepreneurs is Pest Control Business. This business needs Ideas for Controlling Pests by various methods. You can read this How a Mom Built a $10M Pest-Control Business From Home. This business is a field which has a Low competition in Market, and also lots of people need this.

So, these are the Great Small Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs who want to make money with Small Investment. If you have some more Ideas, Don't hesitate to Comment below.


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